the money paradox

Why It Is So Easy To Become Financially Free, Yet So Few Do

Including A Simple 7-Step System To Guarantee Financial Freedom

When you look at the numbers most people can achieve financial freedom, but when you see the statistics, very few ever get there. There are many reasons for this and the book goes into each of these, explains why they occur, and how you can prevent them playing out in your own life.

For further detail, the book will cover:

  1. What The Money Paradox (TMP) is

  2. Why TMP plays out for most people

  3. How to recognise TMP causes in your own life

  4. How wealthy people are able to avoid TMP

  5. Handy tips that prevent each TMP causes occurring

  6. A simple seven step process that will ensure you reach financial freedom

  7. Understanding and incorporation of life goals with your financial goals

The 7 step process to escape The Money PARADOX

  1. POSITION – Understand what you current financial position is

  2. AMBITION – Establish what your ambition is both financially but also in life more generally

  3. RULES – Learn the rules that you need to follow to achieve your goals

  4. ANALYSE – Analyse your current spending and income to understand what needs changing

  5. DECIDE – Decide on a budget going forward that is sustainable and aligned with your financial freedom plan

  6. OPPORTUNITY – Take advantage of the opportunity where money is able to make more money i.e. how to ensure you are investing smartly and consistently

  7. EXPORT – Export this methodology from your conscious to your subconscious by automating it and systemising it – thereby making it easy and simple to follow